Touchable Bubbles

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Blow bubbles with a difference... Touchable Bubbles allow you to blow hundreds of tiny Touchable Bubbles high up into the air. This is very important, as you must allow the bubbles time to ‘set’ (approximately 10 seconds) - and then you can touch them, collect them, stack them and enjoy them! No disappointed children from bubbles which ‘pop’. Special touchable solution containing a setting agent which forms a skin around the bubble after about 10 seconds, preventing the bubbles from popping. For best results, blow the bubbles high up into the air to give them a chance to 'set', before they come into contact with anything. Or take them outside and enjoy them dancing and floating in the wind. Encourage the children to chase and catch the bubbles, great exercise, and great fun! Get them blowing and then tracking, for a fun respiratory and visual workout. Non-Toxic. Colour will be selected at random.