Space Blanket (Foil)

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Our Space Blanket is shiny, crinkly and a very popular multi-sensory resource. SOUND: Lie on it and be rewarded with crinkly, crunchy sounds! PLAY: Lie under it to make a den or play peek-a-boo with the very young. VISION: Its super shiny and reflective, its also semi-transparent so experiment shining lights or a torch through it! TACTILE: Lightweight, soft and crinkly to touch, with heat retaining properties. Great fun and endless possibilities. A must for every sensory environment. One Supplied. A Space Blanket is also known as: 'Mylar Blanket' 'First Aid Blanket' 'Weather Blanket' and 'Emergency Blanket' it is generally used in sports or emergency situations to reduce heat losses in a person's body due to thermal radiation and convection. The quality product we supply has been approved by leading health authorities as one of the most efficient blankets available today. CAUTION: This is not a toy. Keep away from fire. Supervision is required at all times.